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Special Offers, Tips and News



WINTER TIPS:  Watch where your dog’s feet go on winter walks.  Salt can burn the pads so be sure to wipe them off after a winter walk.  At home if you salt, use a pet friendly brand and save your dog’s feet.  Short coated dogs appreciate a warm sweater on very cold or windy days.



Level III is 5:30 pm on Thursdays. Level III is advanced obedience and introduction to Rally.

If you can’t make your class you may join another class that is running that week. Check the schedule to see which class works best for you.


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We don’t like to use chemicals on our lawns or our dogs whenever we can avoid it. What’s proven to work outside on lawns? Beneficial nematodes! Spray them onto the lawn and especially areas with long grass and bushes. They feed ONLY on pests such as ticks and fleas. Google “beneficial nematodes” and the websites will come up that sell them.

Dog Scratching
Dog Jumping
Dog Sitting

Want to stop your dog from jumping on your guests at the front door?  Tell him to “Sit” every time you want to pet him or give a treat.  Then tell him “Sit” next to the door and practice having someone come in and give a treat only if the dog is sitting.  It works!

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